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Charles Darwin age 31 b.1809-d.1892
Charles Darwin
age 31

This means there is a good chance you probably share respect for 19th century British naturalist and author Charles Darwin too.

His life is an extraordinary tale of the power of free thought in the face of the repressive academics and conservatives of his time.

His works, including 'Origin of

Species', is still influencing and surprising scientists well over 100 years after his death! 

His concepts postulates the value of division of the church from the state & intelligence from mob mentality.

He gives me hope that there will be further evolution in our cultural habits.


For the bored, the cynically challenged or with a bruised ego if you like. These links should put you right, well at least temporarily.
If I could kiss it better I would, mwwaah xxx. But of course that is impossible, so this will have to be my best shot for now. These not-for-profit links are mostly borrowed art work, & are purely here to amuse you.
Here are some mood swings and merry-go-rounds for those in need of stimulation, or a collection of sentiments to send to your cohorts. Please enjoy xxx

  • Winners* (recommended.~ sure to cheer anyone up - but it is a powerpoint file)
  • Beer Deficiency (recommended)
  • Have a great trip
  • Recharging
  • A Dark & Stormy Night (cute)
  • Stress
  • Life Discovered on Mars, first pictures!
  • My Beer
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Easter (for your inner adult)
  • Mothertucker~ a poem dedicated to the Stolen Generation, but for anyone that ever had a mother of any type whatsoever. I wrote this with much love.
    *Today, (12-02-2008) Australian P.M. Kevin Rudd apologized to the indigenous people and all indigenous relatives in the spirit of healing. Good on you! And good on you for accepting the good will that is in the heart of all good people in this fine nation, and let' me be real for a moment, most people are good people and want good karma, unless they are in ...
  • The Stupid Club Rip your own head off.
  • Comedy Central ~ believe this, from their site changed last year but live for about 14 years, this may explain why I can be litigious and a little paranoid..
  • Gingerphobia :- an impairment characterized by a fear of redheads and/or a nasty stupid club infection. Thought to have been caused by being force-fed carrots by goody-two-shoes parents. Curable, but only if the patient has table manners, conversational skills, above average intelligence and any vestiges of a soul in order to be selected for luscious redhaired therapy.

   ~ a young Melbourne band is way cool, and HOT!
- definitely worth a listen!
click here to go to their site for some awesome euphoric and unique songs.

click to go to their myspace to listen


FRIENDS AND CLIENTS Darl, don't let the bastards get you down mwaah xk
'Don't let the bastards get you down, Darl' FREE ring-tone

Barb Wire bringing comedic style to a satirical head, and you over there -wipe that vinegar stroke off your ..

Tim McKew is Noël Coward

Vale Amy Winehouse

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I love the notion of world peace and
war is over, if you want it. 1969
War is over! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko. 1969.
Among so many things John left as his legacy The White Feather Foundation - For the Conservation of Life, The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues and in conjunction with partners from around the world, helps to raise funds for all life and honours those who have truly made a difference.
Traditionally, in England, the white feather was seen as a symbol of cowardice. Yes we are very scared and terrified that orphans and forests would be left to die abandoned. Thank you for your benvolence and good works.
John told Julian during their concilliation period that if there was life after death he would acknowlege him with a white feather.. hmmm you got to love that xx

Everyone should love George too mmm!
Here's two very cool cats!

Sir Paul McCartney MBE (b. 18/06/42, Gemini), John Lennon MBE (9/10/40 - 08/12/80 Libra), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, (Transcendental Meditation spiritual mentor), George Harrison MBE (24/02/43 - 29/11/01 Pisces) and Ringo Starr MBE (b. Richard Starkey 7/07/40 Cancer).

These 2 great friends met when they were 16 and 15. Oh so cute and cheeky aren't they?
Julia (nee Stanley), John's mother was a true bohemian and their rehearsal drummer/ukulele/harmonica and a huge inspiration for these darlings and their respective families. She was replaced by Pete Best cropped out of this photo as he was later replaced by Ringo.

Even earlier, when George was only 12 he met Paul on the bus to school, and was his secret friend for a short while. Of course at only 12 being taken seriously as cool is always a struggle,
unless, of course, you are in Silverchair.
At the risk of going too far click here to hear Freddy Lennon's (John's Dad) recording from 1965; who met Julia when she was only 13 and taught her the ukulele,.

Such a phenomenon is Beatlemania that it is often fantasized that the gorgeous offspring might do it again for this century. Dreaming ~ but here's my successful attempt to get representatives of each BEATLES' progeny together in the one place.

Special kudos to Dhani for his part in pursuing their legacy and also for being the instigator of 'Rock Band' - The Beatles computer game for Wii. Well done you TheNewNo2, (I am sure George would be so proud).
Zak Starkey has been The Who drummer since 1994 and also with Oasis among others.

They all have done their folks proud (too many to mention them all) with Julian working to save the whale that includes a filmic exploration "Whaledreamers" ~ the extraordinary connection, both ancient and modern, between humanity and the cetaceans; achieving great rewards and awards for this poignant Darwinian feat and leaving a legacy in his own right. Julian is also co-creator of a new release cd "Lucy" for the Lupus Foundation.(new cd early 2011). He has also expanded his repertoire with an amaingly beautiful photographic exhibition. Awesome!

In Vegas 2006, Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison take their legacy in the spirit it was created @ the launch of 'Love', the 'Cirque De Soleil' tribute to THE BEATLES. The music was remastered by George Martin and his son Nigel, totally bringing them into the here and now with total attention to extreme quality.
Clearly, the star quality runs hot in the families xx

Dhani Harrison and James McCartney share a moment ~

Dhani and Jason Starkey 2004

Sean and Julian Lennon

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